This is a 4E adventure set in the 1E setting of Karameikos. It is loosely based on the first edition module B10 Night’s Dark Terror by Jim Bambra, Graeme Morris and Phil Gallagher. The player characters started at level three and I converted and up scaled the monsters in WOTC Adventure Tools – Monster Builder. Enjoy.

You are in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, a wild and untamed area ruled by Duke Stefan Karameikos III from the southern coastal city of Salaria. Outside of Salaria, the Duke’s control is very limited and large tracts of the Duchy are rumored to be home of evil humanoids and monsters. Civilized folk live in small, isolated points of light scattered across a big, dark, dangerous world.

Most of the world is monster-haunted wilderness. The centers of civilization are few and far between. A few difficult and dangerous roads tenuously link neighboring cities together, but if you stray from them you quickly find yourself immersed in goblin-infested forests, haunted barrowfields, desolate hills and marshes, and monster-hunted badlands.

There is very little in the way of authority to deal with raiders and marauders, rampaging monsters, deadly hauntings, or similar local problems. Settlements afflicted by troubles can only hope for a band of heroes to arrive and set things right. Beyond the town’s walls, it’s still largely covered by unexplored forest and desolate hills where evil folk gather. The Duke’s soldiers might do a passable job of keeping the lands within a few miles of his castle free of monsters and bandits, but most of the realm’s outlying towns and villages are on their own.

The common folk of the world look upon the wild lands with dread. Few people are widely traveled—the lands between towns or homesteads are wide and empty. It might be safe enough within a day’s ride of a city or an hour’s walk of a village, but go beyond that and you are taking your life into your hands. Striking off into untraveled lands is something only heroes and adventurers do.

You and your party are members of the adventurer’s guild called the Wardens. You have recently traveled north along the river from Karkatos to the town of Kelven – a thriving frontier town that has grown up rapidly, following its establishment at the point where the rivers Windrush, Shutturga, and Volaga meet. Much timber passes through Kelven on its way to Salaria where it is used to build ships for the Salt Wars or else sold to neighboring states. Merchants following the trade routes from Salaria to Threshold and distant Selenica regularly travel through Kelven ensuring plenty of trade for the town.

You have not been in town long before a red haired man named Silvas approaches you with an offer of a commission…

Wardens of the Borderlands

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