Wardens of the Borderlands

Notes of the Fallen


Day 96-

Prytor seems like a good man, little bit crazy living by himself with a family and not a single trained person in the art of warfare. I am however impressed with what they have done with so little in the wild such as they are.

Day 7 with my current group of companions. Taking a brief break in searching for the Butcher. I have never been with such a varied group as the one i am currently in. Darkeyes is a clever orc, but his morals are a wee the shady side. I watched him pocket a dead fairy ladies purse, granted he has not tried to take anything that could endanger any of us yet, or try to pocket from us or taking more than his share, so that leans in his favor. He is strong willed, daring and has some of the blackest eyes i have ever gazed into.

I have met my first rune priest… Mardok, i still have yet to make an honest opinion on him yet. He is good man (despite his uncanny humor against elves) and he his good in a pinch. The adage of “nothing can move a dwarf when he doesn’t want to be moved” well i have seen it first hand. Though his faith doesn’t offer up the conventional way of healing abilities as a traditional cleric does so i will have to wait and see what more of his abilities has to offer the longer iu travel with him.

Sometimes i feel fate is playing a cruel joke on us sometimes father, for i have met a similar individual that had the near same upbringing i did. His name is Antonio. From what i gathered he was a serf, trained in the art of metal smithy, he has not discussed it but what i have gathered his parents where killed, he was incarcerated, escaped and fled to another land. to tell you the truth he is the one that i am unsure of the most. he has no loyalties, his eyes breath fire, anger and revenge… of course i fight those same feelings as well.

There are times i feel that no matter how hard i search i will never find what i am looking for but then i remember mother’s wise words, “Menora provides the clues if one is allowed to be guided.” So my search has been way-laid, and i find myself taking a job, not because i needed the coin, but because i have finally taken mothers advice and fallowed the Earth Mother’s way…

So i write to you to let you know that i am well, i have joined up with strange and exciting company. Again i do sincerely apologize for my absence, i know you understand. Give mother my love.

My Best & Your Son


PS – The blood on the parchment is not mine its goblin, Prytor’s estate has been attacked three different times during the night, we all survived, but alas some of the parchment was dripped on.

Chapter 4 - Deadly Discovery in the Vipers Lair

A foul stench awakes Mardock from his deep slumber. He finds he is face to face to a sleeping half-Orc. Even though he is sleeping, Kohran eyes are wide open in a dead listless stare. His Orc breath is so stagnat and foul, Mardock chokes. Sitting up the dwarf thinks “Ummmphh… I hate it when he does that, it gives me der creeps”. Yawning and looking around the dark cavernous lair of the Vipers, he finds Antonio also has fallen asleep even though it is his watch. “Hhhmmmpphh… Might as well let the lad sleep, it was my watch next anyways”.
As he stands, his dwarven eyes adjust to the darkness. Sharpie is sleeping away from the party with his bow gripped in his hands. As dwarves often do when they find themselves underground, Murdock examines the rocky walls of the dungeon. He looks for natural veins of raw silver, gold or mithril.
“Ayyeee what do we have here?” The dwarf finds a 10 foot by 10 foot section of wall that looks oddly colored. Tapping the wall with his knuckles and putting his ear to the wall, he hears a hallow sound. “Hhhmmmpphh… This is what happens when you let an Orc do a dwarves’ business”. He thinks to himself then mutters under his breath in his best half-Orc accent, “Me look for doors and traps and no find em, Darkeye say safe to sleep here”.
Grasping the wall, his dwarven fingers search for some kind of latch or mechanism to open the secret door. He finds a small outcropping in the rock. Pressing the underside of this outcropping he hears a faint click. Suddenly the ground shakes and rumbles as the wall starts to slide down into the floor. The dwarf steps back and grabs his weapon as he finds himself face to face with a large hooded cobra with glowing red eyes…

Chapter 3: Track Down the Horse Thieves

As dawn breaks, the drumming ceases and the Wardens are exhausted from the long night. With victory and a new dawn, the party will take a much needed extended rest. Around midday, the party is awakened by Pyrtor’s resounding voice.

“Drop your cocks and grab your socks, my boys… By Avendra’s grace the sun shines on your backsides this morning. My clan owes you our lives, and I hate to be one to receive a favor and then ask for another but necessity requires that I have to be that someone.”

As he walks down the hall stairs, he takes a deep breath and looks at each one of you in the eyes.

“The Viper goblins have stolen forty one white horses from us, but we do have six horses left. Goblins cannot ride horses. With Taras’ help you should be able to easily catch the goblins on horseback. It is now midday. The Vipers are cowardly in the daylight, if you catch them before twilight, they should be easily overcome. The Vipers headed out on the north trail. Wardens, ride out with the last of our horses and hunt down this goblin scourge. I will pay you twenty gold piece reward for each horse and a five gold piece bounty for each goblin scalp. With Avendra’s help we will revenge this assault.”

Do you accept this challenge?

[Battle Summary]

Chapter 3 XP and Booty Wrap Up

Chapter Three: Track Down the Horse Thieves

Brave Adventurers,

Well maybe not that brave, you found the horses and then retreated like… cough, little, cough, cough…

Anyway, I ran the numbers three times and since you started at level 3 (2250 XP) + Chapter One and Two XP (952 + 1010 = 1962) for a grand total of 4212 XP before Chapter 3. Here is how the XP breaks down for this session:

Skill Challenge One – 350 XP – Track Down the Horse Thieves

Complexity One / two passes and one fail = 2 × 175 XP = 350 XP

Encounter One – Level 5 – 800 XP – Stinky Misty Swampy Monsters

4 Otyughs x 200 XP = 800 XP

Skill Challenge Two – 350 XP – Looking for the Vipers (or our Manhood)

Complexity Two / One Pass = 1 × 350 XP = 350 XP

Encounter Two – 1000 XP – Level 6 – Barricade Battle

3 Hobgoblin Archers x 200 XP = 600 XP

2 Crushgrip Constrictors x 200 XP = 400 XP

Encounter Three – 800 XP – Level 5 – “Vipers… very dangerous. You go first”

2 Fire Battle Snakes x 200 XP = 400 XP

2 Sea Vipers x 200 XP = 400 XP

Encounter Four – 1000 XP – Level 6 – Deathwatch Piker Patrol

1 Hobgoblin Commander x 300 XP = 300 XP

4 Hobgoblin Deathwatchers x 175 XP = 700 XP

Encounter Five – 1000 XP – Level 6 – “She is not my special lady, she is my f**king lady friend, I’m just helping her conceive, man!”

1 x Viper Chief x 300 XP = 300 XP

2 x Viper Bitches x 75 = 150 XP

2 x Deathrattle Viper x 200 = 400 XP

1 x Hobgoblin Archer x 150 XP

Total XP 5300 XP / 4 Party Members = 1325 XP each member

1325 + 4212 = 5537 Total XP

You guys are just 13 XP from Level 5.

So instead of magic items, just give yourselves another 14 XP and level up. You are now level 5, halfway to Paragon Level. It will be tougher from this point.

There will be blood._

Chapter Two: Drums in the Night

Chapter Two Prologue – Drums in the Dark Night

Cornered by the burning barn and attacking heroes, the goblin hexer falls under the dwarven urgrosh as the last goblin warrior retreats back into the woods – no doubt to inform the rest of the goblins about the new defenders. After looting the goggles and cloak, the party is rushed to the main building by a young red haired wizard named Taras and a silent older attractive woman named Darya. After entering the kitchen, the door is shut and barred behind you. Taras inquires the party about the location of his father, Silvas. You tell him that Silvas commissioned the party days ago in Kelven and that you were expecting to meet him here in Sukiskyn. Upon hearing this news, Taras face is overcome with grief and worry. He quietly escorts you through the kitchen to the main hall.

The scene of the hall is gruesome. There is a wounded red hair haired man laid out on a table. Blood is seeping from his armor and covers the hall floor. A chanting half orc woman is attending to his wounds with a ritual book and some burning herbs. Another woman weeps uncontrollably a few steps away, as soon as she sees the party, she screams at the wounded man,

“Murderer! You killed them! You locked them outside to die like animals!”

The grief stricken woman runs towards the wounded man on the table, only to have Darya intercept her, strike her across the cheek with the back of her hand and holds her back.

Masha, settle down! Pyrtor tried to save them. But your husband would not leave Hakos side once he was bound by the goblin’s snakes. If Pyrtor had not barred the door we all would be dead.” At this retort, Masha slumps to the floor and resumes weeping.

The half-orc woman finishes her healing ritual and Prytor’s wounds are mended. Prytor sits up and motions the party over. He is a strong man in chain mail armor and a longsword but is obviously tired and weakened.

“I am Pyrtor, leader of this clan. You must be the Wardens that Silvas commissioned. But where is my brother?”

You tell Pyrtor that you have not seen Silvas since Kelven. Pyrtor looks towards Taras and says.

“Don’t worry Taras, in his youth your father was once a Warden like these brave adventurers. He is clever as a raven and tough as a cave bear. He is probably waylaid and holding up somewhere in the woods.”

Pyrtor looks back at the party,

“Well thank Avendra for your arrival, I see you met the Sukiskyn Welcome Committee. Silvas and I were once adventurers like you, but once we had a few gold pieces we settled down, married up and built this camp. Let me tell you about our situation…”

He informs you there are three clans of goblins attacking the homestead: the Red-blade (or Gnhasska) and the Wolfskull (or Kloss-lunk), who ride wolves. There was a third clan, the Vipers (or Jaggadash), but they have run off with the horses from the pens, after killing two of the clan. They slaughtered the blacksmith, Novannes, and his son, Hakos. This is only one of several attacks on human homesteads in recent weeks. It is unusual for goblins to openly attack the homesteads and especially for them to be working together. There are rumors of some type of fiendish automaton destroying the homesteads all around the Dynmark Forest.

The Sukiskyn settlement was stoutly built with a focus on defense. There are no windows on the ground floor, stout oak doors that can be barred and a forty foot stone tower for defense. There are armaments in the basement of the tower. Although the barn and northern stretch of palisade are on fire, the gate house, stables and main buildings are intact. Unfortunately, besides him and Taras, the rest of the clan are not heroes and would be rather useless thwarting an attack. But with the party’s help, the defenders have a good chance of holding out till dawn, when daylight will force the goblins back into the woods. With so many goblins hidden in the woods it would be suicidal to leave the homestead before dawn.

Pyrtor looks towards Taras,

“I need you to make first watch in the tower and make alarm if our pointy eared friends decide to attack. Which I am sure they will. Darya, make provisions for these adventurers, they need rest so they are at full strength when the gob-heads attack. Wardens, again I must thank you for your timely arrival, but I must retire now and recoup from my wounds. May Avendra bless you.”

He staggers up the stairs and leaves the hall. Darya and her young son, Matvey, bring you some bread, mead and rabbit stew. The half-orc woman, Kuzma brings you some straw bedding and blankets to the hall. Exhausted from days combat, the party eats the meal and settles down in the hall. Meanwhile various clan members wander in and out of the hall, curious of the new defenders.

About a half hour after Pyrtor leaves, drums are heard outside the homestead. These drums in the night haunt the party’s thoughts as they slip into fitful dark dreams…

[Insert Walk Through Dreams and Battle Summary]

Chapter 2 Wrap Up

Chapter Two: Drums in the Dark Night

Brave Adventurers,

Welcome to Level Four, you earned 1010 XP apiece at this session. Add that to the 952 XP from Chapter One and you guys leveled up. Level your characters and please send me the new PC sheets. Here is how the XP broke down:

Encounter One: Red Blade Attack – 1200 XP – Level 6 encounter – Red Blade Clan

Hobgoblin Subcommander – 150 XP

2 Hobgoblin Soldiers – 300 XP

Hobgoblin Cursespewer – 150 XP

4 Goblin Sharpshooters – 600XP

Booty: Lane’s level 3 Stanching Armor

Encounter Two: Yellow Dress Hostage Rescue – 1050 XP – Level 5 encounter – Wolfskull Clan

Hobgoblin Archer (donning a yellow dress) – 150 XP

2 Female Goblin Blackblades (very hoarse from yelling) – 300 XP

6 Goblin Cutters – 300 XP

2 Tangler Beetles – 300 XP

Booty: Londo’s Dwarven Chainmail Armor

Encounter Three: Bat Attack – 1050 XP – Level 5 encounter – Wolfskull Clan

Goblin Bat Handler – 150 XP

Mutated Shadowhunter Bat – 150 XP

2 Goblin Blackblades – 300 XP

3 Shadowhunter Bats – 450XP

Booty: Curtis’ Amulet of Physical Resolve

Encounter Four: Gorknocks – 750 XP – Level 3 encounter – ????

2 Hammerer Automatons – 750 XP

Booty: None

Encounter Five: Red Blade – Two Prong Death Assault – 1050 XP – Level 5 enounter – Wolfskull

2 Fire Bettles – 200 XP

2 Goblin Skullcleavers – 300 XP

Goblin Warrior – 150 XP

4 Goblin Cutters – 200 XP

Goblin Acolyte of Maglubiyet – 200 XP
Booty: Taras’ Level Three Common Magic Item

Total XP 5050 XP / 5 Party Members = 1010 XP each member

Chapter One: The Road to Sukiskyn

A red haired man named Silvas has offered your party a job. Silvas is acting on behalf of his brother Pyrtor who owns Sukiskyn, a prosperous homestead in the Dymrak Forest to the east Pyrtor’s clan makes a living by catching and breaking wild horses from the nearby moors and recently had the good fortune to capture a small herd of white horses. These will soon be ready for sale at Rifllian, where it is hoped that the Woodsinger Elves there will pay a high price, as the white horse is a symbol of their tribe. Pyotr needs a few guards to ensure that the horses arrive safely at Rifllian. Silvas made an offer of 200 GP per member, but after negotiations the party will receive 125 GP now and another 125 GP upon delivery of the horses to Rifllian.

Silvas will arrange passage for your party on the riverboat of a trader named Kalanos when the boat makes its first trip of the spring up to the forest lumber camps. Kalanos will leave in a week’s time on the 5th of Thaumont and will able to take you to Misha’s Ferry which is within a day’s march to Sukiskyn. After finishing the arrangements, Silvas leaves the party. He promises to meet you in one week’s time at Sukiskyn.

On the morning of the 5th of Thaumont, Kalanos and his river boat, Morning Star, are waiting for the party at the wharf at Kelven. The riverboat has a crew of six rowers. Kalanos hurriedly rushes the party onto the boat and you quickly depart. At first, the river is flanked by rolling downs on both sides, but a few miles downriver from Kelven the forest closes in on the southern bank. The river is narrower here, but the boat makes good progress…

[Insert awesome battle summaries here]

Chapter One Summary: The Road to Sukiskyn – XP and Loot List

Brave adventurers,

Looks like you each get a total of 952 XP – well on your way to the 1500 XP you need for level 4.

Here is how the XP breaks down;

Encounter 1 : Ambush on the Bridge of the Ancient Alliance (level 4)

The Big Man – 300 XP
Fulgrim – 150 XP
Human Bandit x 2 – 300 XP
Human Archers x 2 – 62 XP

Sub Total – 812 XP

Encounter 2: How to Tame a Cave Bear Skill Challenge (level 3)

Failed 0 XP

Encounter 3: Goblin Wolf Rider Scout Surprise (level 3)

Goblin Wolf Rider Scout – 521 XP

Encounter 4: The Wolfskull Welcome Committee (level 5)

Goblin Cutters x 6 – 180 XP
Goblin Sharpshooters x 2 – 300 XP
Goblin Skullcleaver – 175 XP
Goblin Blackblade – 150 XP
Goblin Warrior – 150 XP

Sub Total – 955 XP

Encounter 5: Repel the Riders / Repair the Ramparts Skill Challenge (level 3)

Passed (barely – looking at you Anitonio) – 550 XP

Bonus Encounter 6: Red Blade Goblin Brigade (level 5)

Goblin Cutters x 4 – 120 XP
Fire Beetles x 2 – 250 XP
Goblin Warriors x 3 – 450 XP
Goblin Hexer – 150 XP

Sub Total – 970 XP

Grand Total – 3808 XP divided by 4 PCs = 952 XP for each player.

Magic Items – Since you guys completed a Chapter One, I rolled for one item. Also since you completed an additional bonus encounter, I gave you one more magic item for heroic service. I assigned each of you guys a number according to how you were seated at the table, Antonio #1, Sharpie #2, Murdok #3 and Darkeyes #4. I then rolled a 2d4 twice. First die for the players, second die the level of item. The rolls were 2 and 4, and then 3 and 1.

After inspecting the body of the Red Blade Goblin Hexer you find a Cloak of Distortion +1 and a pair of Cannith Goggles.

As for gold you have whatever you stole from Misha’s Cabin (Avendra frowns upon you). When you inspect the goblin bodies you do not find any gold – a nature check reveals goblins do not go on raids with their wealth, instead they will hide it in their lairs or the forest.

Any player nominations for Moments of Glory? I know Darkeyes did have one awesome damage round.

Who was the green mist man on the bridge? Why are the three different goblin tribes working together? Will the brave adventurers make it through night’s dark terror?

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