Wardens of the Borderlands

Notes of the Fallen



Day 96-

Prytor seems like a good man, little bit crazy living by himself with a family and not a single trained person in the art of warfare. I am however impressed with what they have done with so little in the wild such as they are.

Day 7 with my current group of companions. Taking a brief break in searching for the Butcher. I have never been with such a varied group as the one i am currently in. Darkeyes is a clever orc, but his morals are a wee the shady side. I watched him pocket a dead fairy ladies purse, granted he has not tried to take anything that could endanger any of us yet, or try to pocket from us or taking more than his share, so that leans in his favor. He is strong willed, daring and has some of the blackest eyes i have ever gazed into.

I have met my first rune priest… Mardok, i still have yet to make an honest opinion on him yet. He is good man (despite his uncanny humor against elves) and he his good in a pinch. The adage of “nothing can move a dwarf when he doesn’t want to be moved” well i have seen it first hand. Though his faith doesn’t offer up the conventional way of healing abilities as a traditional cleric does so i will have to wait and see what more of his abilities has to offer the longer iu travel with him.

Sometimes i feel fate is playing a cruel joke on us sometimes father, for i have met a similar individual that had the near same upbringing i did. His name is Antonio. From what i gathered he was a serf, trained in the art of metal smithy, he has not discussed it but what i have gathered his parents where killed, he was incarcerated, escaped and fled to another land. to tell you the truth he is the one that i am unsure of the most. he has no loyalties, his eyes breath fire, anger and revenge… of course i fight those same feelings as well.

There are times i feel that no matter how hard i search i will never find what i am looking for but then i remember mother’s wise words, “Menora provides the clues if one is allowed to be guided.” So my search has been way-laid, and i find myself taking a job, not because i needed the coin, but because i have finally taken mothers advice and fallowed the Earth Mother’s way…

So i write to you to let you know that i am well, i have joined up with strange and exciting company. Again i do sincerely apologize for my absence, i know you understand. Give mother my love.

My Best & Your Son


PS – The blood on the parchment is not mine its goblin, Prytor’s estate has been attacked three different times during the night, we all survived, but alas some of the parchment was dripped on.



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